About us

A team in continuous growth: 200 professionals who believe in continuous evolution and put their talent, skills, specialization, enthusiasm and energy at the service of customers, collaborators and partners every day. We are called atonpeople because we share not only the space and time of our daily work, but also the sense of belonging to a team that is in the field to grow together, through the daily exchange of knowledge and know-how.
We are guided by values, passion, enthusiasm, spontaneity, curiosity and the desire to experiment with the common goal of generating value. For us, working at Aton means establishing relationships of trust with colleagues, in an atmosphere of complicity and support, putting ourselves on the line every day to face new challenges.

Our values.


We are guided by our core values which we pass on to our customers.



Passion for innovation

We have always believed in research and we affirm ourselves by transforming new technological jumps first that add value for our customers. Solid skills and enthusiasm in the search for improvement are indispensable requirements in each of us.


Relationships of Trust

Collaboration between ourselves, our customers and partners are guarantees of common success. The attention to people and commitments cements our business character.


Consistent reliability over the years

Responsibility to our stakeholders ensures long-term certainty. By investing in possible and cost-effective innovation we ensure results and business continuity.

Our Partners.